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Mountain Laurel Creations

Small batch & handcrafted herbal medicine. Handwoven jewelry & creations from the heart.

About the creator

Hello lovely humans! Laura here. I’m the creator behind Mountain Laurel Creations and the owner of Mountain Laurel Apothecary in Crestone, CO.

About five years ago now I dove head first and all consuming into the world of herbalism. Plants have truly given me a purpose! Now I live for making products that can naturally support us and providing access to herbs, everyone deserves, to my community.

I am a mother, lover, community member and mountain dweller. My creations come directly from my heart with the intention to land in the hands of people looking for natural solutions.

Helpful Blends!

I love bringing to life thoughtfully curated blends that address the day to day issues that need tending to.

Homegrown Calendula


Our store

Mountain Laurel Apothecary

259 S. Cottonwood St.

Crestone, CO 81131


Tuesday: 10am-3pm

Thursday: 10am-3pm

Saturday: 10am-3pm

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