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Single Plant Spotlight, Passionflower!

Passionflower; the ultimate plant ally for an over active mind. Yes, Passionflower is essentially the flowering transition to a Passionfruit, however, the species used for growing fruit and the one used for medicine can be different. Here we will be talking about Passiflora incarnata, a species where the flower and herb can be used as a nerve sedative. 

What does Passionflower do? It is a:

Nervine: nourishes and supports the nervous system. 

Sedative: strongly quiets and relaxes the nervous system.

Antispasmodic: relieves involuntary spasms of the muscles.

Anxiolytic: reduces anxiety. 

Analgesic: relieves pain. 

Passiflora incarnata is known specifically for its ability to ease circular thinking. When you are trying to fall asleep and you can't stop thinking about everything under the sun, your mind is distracting you and keeping you from relaxing into a deep sleep, she is your friend. Use her for cases of insomnia. 

Anxiety can also be deeply relieved from Passiflora incarnata by nourishing our central nervous system and calming the mind you can find relief of your anxiety with consistent use of this plant ally. 

With Passiflora incarnata's phenomenal ability to nourish and sedate the nervous system it also makes her a good choice when suffering from a tension headache. 

You can find Passiflora incarnata in a single plant tincture I made just listed on the website, my 'Goodbye Headache' tea blend and in the next batch of my 'Sweet Slumber' sleep elixir.