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Single Plant Spotlight, Rosemary!

Ah, Rosemary. Most of us likely have Rosemary in our spice cabinets and often use the deliciously aromatic herb in our dishes while cooking. Well, not only is Rosemary a game changer in the kitchen but it is also a highly medicinal plant and benefits our bodies in many substantial ways. 

Rosemary deeply supports our brain improving concentration and memory, brings relief to headaches and migraines, enhances our cellular uptake of oxygen, acts as a mild stimulant and can even aid us when suffering from depression. 

But that's not even all!

Rosemary is also a circulatory stimulant, meaning it can help with things like poor circulation and low blood pressure. Rosemary can support inflammation in our joints and can support our digestion to break down fats and starches. 

I truly believe Rosemary has something to offer us all and is a valuable tool for all of our medicine cabinets. 

A few ways you can use my Rosemary Tincture is:

1) To stimulate your brain function and memory before studying or working on a project.

2) To improve digestion after eating a fatty and starchy meal.

3) To bring relief to a headache or migraine. 

4) To improve your mood!

5) To bring relief to achey or inflamed joints.