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Taurus Elixir

Taurus Elixir

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Taurus Elixir was formulated during Taurus season to nurture and touch the soul of a Taurus. 

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet of beauty and love!

Sweet and powerful Rose was added to this Taurus blend because of her connection to our heart and power to invoke love. Rose is also great for your skin making her the perfect match for the beauty ruling part of Venus. 

With Venus ruling beauty and love it also has a powerful connection to the reproductive parts of our bodies. Mugwort and Nettle were chosen to resonate with this powerful and grounding aspect of Venus. 

Nettle was also chosen for the connection to beauty. Nettle is deeply nourishing to our hair and skin. 

Taurus is also a gentle and grounded Earth sign. I chose fresh sage and thyme for their earthy aromas and tastes to ground down this powerful blend. 

Ingredients: Fresh sage, rose, fresh thyme, mugwort, nettle, organic cane alcohol, distilled water and local honey. 

This elixir comes in a 1oz bottle.