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Tending the Heart Elixir

Tending the Heart Elixir

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Tending the Heart Elixir is a formulation created to tend to the physical and emotional heart space. Packed with herbs that promote healthy circulation and a wild rose flower essence that was created for deep heart healing is the symbiotic ingredients that make this wonderful blend. 

Motherwort–– considered a mild sedative is known for being used in calming heart palpitations from anxiety attacks and is a heart strengthening herb. 

Hibiscus–– very high in antioxidants, may be able to lower blood pressure and cleanses the blood. 

Hawthorn Berry–– very high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, supports healthy blood pressure, cleanses blood and has been used in treatment for heart failure. 

Ginger Root–– anti-bacterial, supports indigestion, blood pressure, nausea, lowers blood sugar and even has anti-cancer properties. 

Wild Rose Flower Essence–– created by me with fresh wild roses growing along South Crestone Creek. Flower essences are energetic and homeopathic doses for emotional and spiritual healing. Wild Rose is specifically powerful for healing the heart center and balancing the heart chakra. 

Ingredients: Motherwort, hibiscus, hawthorn berry, ginger root, wild rose flower essence, brandy, distilled water and local honey. 

*This product is not FDA approved. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*