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Pisces Elixir

Pisces Elixir

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Pisces Elixir was created during Pisces season to nurture and touch the soul of a Pisces. 

This blend features:

Mullein: very powerful respiratory support. Great for congestion, asthma, allergies and respiratory infections. Expectorant, demulcent, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti microbial. I chose mullein for the Pisces blend because of its benefits to the lungs and respiratory system. Pisces' main system is the respiratory. Pisces hold lots of energy there and mullein can greatly benefit. 

Elderberry: high in vitamin c, vitamin B6, iron, vitamin a, potassium and many other wonderful nutrients. Elderberry is a powerful immune booster which can lower symptoms of cold and flu and protect against them. Elderberry is great for heart health and packed with antioxidants which can help lower stress in our bodies. Diuretic, anti carcinogenic, alterative, astringent. I chose elderberry for the Pisces elixir because of its incredible immune boosting properties and its benefit to the heart. Pisces carry a lot in their hearts and medicine to protect that area is very beneficial to them. 

Stinging Nettle: jam packed with vitamins, amino acids and minerals; nettle is very nourishing to our organs, bones, hair and skin. Nettle has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body and can help reduce seasonal allergies. Diuretic, alterative, antioxidant, anti inflammatory and tonic. Pisces can be prone to seasonal allergies and nettle can support that. 

Ingredients: Mullein, elderberry, nettle, brandy, distilled water and honey.

All ingredients are organic or locally sourced. 

This elixir comes in a 1oz bottle. 

This product is not FDA approved.